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Ibiza is...

A small island located about 60 miles off the coast of mainland Spain. It is part of a group of 4 islands called the Balearic Islands by English, or "Islas Baleares" by the Spanish, and which encompass Ibiza, Mallorca, Minorca & the tiny island of Formentera.

The nearest Spanish port to Ibiza is Denia, at about 60 miles (4 hours on the ferry) followed by Barcelona at about 8 hours.

It is just under two hours flying time from the UK and is now served by direct flights from Stansted all year round, as well as multiple UK airports in the summer season for the tourists.

... will Take Your Breath Away.

If you haven't been here before, or worse, have only experienced Ibiza through the dreadful TV programs about San Antonio drinking holidays, you won't be at all prepared for the captivating natural beauty of the island, everybody, and I mean everybody is always blown away by it their first time...



Ibiza has been attracting a cosmopolitan crowd for centuries. Romans, Greeks, Moors, Phoenicians and Catalans all visited Ibiza: some came to trade and relax in the clear warm Mediterranean waters, whilst others came with conquest in mind.

Due to its strategic position between mainland Spain and Africa, Ibiza was highly prized as a colony and trading post, and was visited by the Ancient Greeks and later ruled by both the Carthaginians and the Romans. The island fell briefly into the hands of the Vandals, and later the Byzantines, before being ruled for many centuries by the Moors – who were in turn conquered by the Catalans in 1235.

When the island was conquered by King James I in 1235, the local Muslim population was deported and Christian colonists were brought in from Girona. The island maintained its own self-government in several forms until 1715, when King Philip V of Spain abolished the local government's autonomy.